Getting started with WhatsApp Business API in 6 easy ways

1 July 2024 prachi Blog,

WhatsApp Business API is cool to leverage your company’s reach. It is used to make communication easier with your clients. Just clicking a WhatsApp Chat button, we can make contact. Its features are amazing. In the previous article, we discussed the integration of WhatsApp API for business. And here, we will talk about how you can benefit from WhatsApp API for business. As you must know all its features to benefit from it.

6 Important Features of WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API
WhatsApp Business API

Business Profile

You must mention the industry type your business falls in. This is important as it can generate automated messages. These messages have blueprints related to their industry type. This makes it easy for customers to connect with your business.

Rich Media

These blueprints have an amazing media collection. You can add photos and videos to make your messages more interesting. Having a media collection is an amazing feature. You don’t have to spend your time finding copyright free images. You can add creative buttons to make your messages more appealing. Creativity is a very important aspect in ads.

Two Way Communication

One of the most helpful features is you can communicate both ways. Your customers can ask questions and give feedback. The sole purpose of building WhatsApp API was to enhance interaction. This helps in providing support to customers in real time. Your customers don’t have to wait five days to get a response.

Messaging Analytics

It provides insights into your ad campaigns. It gives a detailed analysis of your delivery rates. It studies your user engagement rate too. It is important to have a data based insight of your ad strategy. It helps in making the right decisions. It is useful to have in built insights. You don’t have to contact third party for this.

Easy Integration with CRM

WhatsApp API easy integration with your CRM makes it beneficial. It tracks customer data and orders. You will also have a feature of two way communication along with it.

The Pricing policy

WhatsApp has a clear pricing policy. It charges based on your message volume. It has a monthly subscription fee. It also has a free trial period. And big enterprises can negotiate their prices.

Use Cases of WhatsApp API for Business

WhatsApp Marketing

  • You can send messages relevant to your customer base. You can also send alerts of products that are back in store. Sending messages to relevant clients will produce more profitable leads.
  • Set up broadcast messages to your clients. Send alerts of products that are now out of stock.
  • Enhance your user experience with updates on their orders. Timely updates about the orders display your customer service.
  • You can send unlimited messages by following its policies. WhatsApp has a tier list for messaging. It also has policies which the businesses need to follow.

Promotional Messages

  • You can make profit out of your ads by sending highly relevant messages to your clients. You must have an amazing understanding of your analytics. You also need to have a creative marketing team.
  • Sending messages that are visually appealing works best. Reading plain text might not attract new customers. Using trending memes, and audio works best to attract a new customer base.
  • You can enhance your sales by tempting customers with your creative ads. You can upsell a product with this tactic. You can cross sell too.
  • Send engaging content to customers who have emptied their carts. You can send them relevant alerts based on their wish list. It is much better to build a trusted customer base who have already used your product.

Customer Support

  • Sending large volumes of texts can highly improve your customer support. You can use WhatsApp API for business to send these messages.
  • You can improve the customer support by sending a perfect message template for irated customers. This means making full use of your resources.
  • You can also integrate bots to make a flow of conversations. It works in real time.
  • You can integrate WhatsApp API for business with your CRM. This will increase the speed of your responses. And will make a flow of conversation.

WhatsApp Store

  • A WhatsApp store for your business. It makes market experience for your customers seamless. The whole purpose is to make buying and selling easy.
  • You can show your products through messages. And provide link to showcase similar products.
  • You can showcase your inventory to customers based on their shopping history. Keeping a tab on your client’s wish list history to collect customer data.
  • You can add products to your cart seamlessly. Price updated in real time makes it a better shopping experience for customers. With all this ads make sure to constantly enhance your product quality.
  • You can enhance your sales by tempting customers with your creative ads. You can upsell a product with this tactic. You can cross sell too.

Account Access and Password Support

  • WhatsApp API has enough privacy support for its users. It has end to end encryption. That means the third person will never know what messages are flowing.
  • It has MFA protection features. That means you can login to your account not just by entering username and password. But other factors such as fingerprint or device ID will also be needed.

CTWA (Click-to-WhatsApp-Ads)​

  • You can now click on ads to directly log in to WhatsApp. WhatsApp login gives better ROI. And is much better for lead generation.
  • CTWA gives a more personalized feel to customers.

Who Can Get the WhatsApp Business API?

You must understand if your business falls under the eligibility of WhatsApp API for business. We will explain the criteria based on two aspects. One aspect is the size of your business and the other is your industry type. If you have clarity then moving forward will be easy for you.

Business Size

The WhatsApp API for business is mainly for medium and large business. This is because these organizations have large volumes of customer interaction. But If you are a small business owner then WhatsApp Business App is perfect for you. This business app provides basic automation features suitable for such businesses.

Industry Type

You must check if your business falls under the eligible industry type. WhatsApp has done this to stay compliant with the government. WhatsApp cannot break this regulation. Please visit the official website to check your eligibility. WhatsApp API for business is an amazing tool to get your client game strong.


WhatsApp Business API is an amazing concept. It makes your website more engaging. A WhatsApp chat button on your website is an easy way to increase your site’s reach. There are many benefits to it if used properly. If you have a smart marketing team then you can expand your business. You must read the terms and policies of WhatsApp business API. It charges for its services. Get the best plan suitable for your business to get the most ROI.

It is also important to check the privacy issues. You will likely not want a loophole in your API. The best API developer will save you from such hassles. Get your security aspects up and tight. Install MFA to get protection from unwanted access.


What type of business can benefit from WhatsApp Business API?

Large business owners benefit the most. Enterprises that deal with Ecommerce can make the best use out of it. In short, if your business is user centric then it is for you.

Is WhatsApp Business API secure?

Yes, It is secure. You can only use WhatsApp API if your documents are verified. After this, you also need to maintain your ad quality. WhatsApp monitors your usage. Based on authentication, It has MFA.
It is important to keep your business private and secure.

How can I check the performance of WhatsApp API for business?

WhatsApp API provides its insights feature to keep track of its performance. It keeps checking on metrics to provide better results. Third party services can also benefit you on this.

Why is it important to stay compliant?

It is important to stay compliant to keep using WhatsApp API for business. It is also a proof of customer satisfaction. If you do not do the same your account might get suspended. Your API access might get restricted. And the loss of reputation to your business.

What happens if WhatsApp business API finds out you are non compliant?

It is important to stay compliant to keep using WhatsApp API for business. It is also a proof of customer satisfaction. If you do not do the same your account might get suspended. Your API access might get restricted. And the loss of reputation to your business.

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