6 Interesting ways how AI has influenced marketing trends

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AI has influenced marketing trends in every possible way. In recent years, playful hit and trials with free AI tools changed the market. With rising use of social media, its easy-to-use method appealed to many. People learned how to use it to earn money. And, now everyone is using AI as a child’s toy.

Artificial Intelligence in marketing has many benefits. Content Generation is much faster with the use of AI. Audience Segmentation is very useful for the target. Programmatic advertising, Better SEO practices. AI has greatly influenced E-Commerce. By collecting relevant and huge amounts of data, it helps in making informed decisions. These are the factors that justify AI behind smarter marketing.

How companies are using artificial intelligence in marketing?

  • Money to be spent must be analyzed well. And we need to target which audience. For example, there might be a chance that you need to spend more on social media ads for younger ones. Than on the TV for older ones.
  • AI is helpful in checking your KPI. That is Key Performance Indicator. It is used to see if the ads are performing well in that market. It might include How many people buy something after clicking your ad. How many click on your ad. AI is very helpful in making decisions which results in high ROI.
  • AI can easily find new opportunities. Since, It can analyze huge data. It is easy for it to Engage with new customers, turn imagination into action. It helps in expansion. And scales the product.
  • AI helps in building a better audience. It helps in better targeting. It collects information about the customers. Their likes and dislikes. AI helps in personalizing ad experiences. It creates ad campaigns that connect to people.
  • AI helps in determining the campaign goals. It helps in building the plans for its hit. It is also very important to set clear objectives for the ad campaigns.
  • AI can help in understanding competitor’s moves. It is important to analyze how much they are spending on creating ads. What kind of ads they are creating. It studies ad creatives. It is important to understand what kind of ad is resonating with the audience. Then, improving on our ads.
  • Creating ad copy is a bit like writing a short story or a catchy jingle. It must grab people’s attention. And convinces them to take action. For creating a good ad copy, It is important to understand well the message of the product. Again, knowing the audience is a plus. Keeping the ad clear and short. It must be catchy.
  • AI is very helpful in creating visual ads. The launch of Sora, OpenAI has completely changed the game. It caters to every group of individuals. Visuals have the power to reach a large audience. It is important to choose visual elements like photos, icons, etc.
  • AI can help in hyper personalizing ads. It helps show specific ads to a specific audience. It collects data, analyzes it, and then segments the data. Advertisers customize the content as per their customers. It can also be used to dynamically deliver content. It shows ad to customer when it is most relevant to them.
  • AI helps in predicting ad performance before launching. It uses data analysis to figure out selecting feature. This feature means what factors to check in data analysis to analyze the success of campaign. It also helps in building machine models to train the data. More the data is trained, more accurate the result.


6 ways how AI has influenced marketing trends

Content Creation shifts to AI

Content generation using ChatGPT is in boom. It gives a good brief on ideas, topics, etc. It can translate and explain any piece of writing. It can also write a piece of code. Since then content generation by AI has improved. Because it is in high demand and is free. People are highly using it for their own purposes. Since, AI is a LLM. With each content generation it gets a feedback that helps chatGPT in improving itself.

However, use of AI in content writing has increased more. This is because it has tools fit to build article headlines, SEO optimised, social media posts. It can also sometimes write blog posts.

As more companies are adopting AI for their own purposes. Google is evaluating how to rank this content on its search engine. Recently, Google penalized many AI generated content. Moreover, AI generated content is difficult to meet Google’s ranking qualities. As we know, authorship and ownership is important part of Google ranking.

However, It is not like we will stop using AI altogether for generating content. AI is still very useful in generating content. But with little human modification. Also, changes in social trends does not influence any market for long.

The Zero Click Search

AI generated search results are changing the existing role of SERP. It is also impacting the performance of the brand. Organic search results are so far down the page. SERP’s use AI to appear on top of search result page. They also make use of snippets for the same.

But, on the other hand, user is satisfied with search result without clicking on the article. While the organic result is still present but the number of organic result has sharply changed.

Semrush conducted a analysis on zero click searches and it found that 25.6% results are found in zero click search. And with LLM’s learning more with generating data. It is getting more feedback. The search results will show better results with zero click. Google is already launching many tabs that will account for zero click result.

This is causing marketers to create content that will help them land in featured snippet section. And to avoid content that is already available in zero click search results.

In short, AI has evolved digital marketing. The old SERP and SEO strategy is changing. And content marketing is taking a huge turn.

High degree of personalization of brands

Now, AI can understand what motivates customers. It can generate content based on that. It then adjusts its content according to people tastes.
For example, A can appeal more to a ad that lays importance on discounts and value. Whereas B likes ad that gives him joy and excitement.

AI behind smarter marketing creates highly personalized ads. They appeal to people. If you are clear with your strategies, It is highly unlikely that AI is not making the market smarter. New content is created everyday. It is posted on reels, posts etc. Everyday life has turned into a show. People relate more if they see something that they do everyday. This comes under smarter digital marketing.

Its brilliant data analysis skills and amazing machine models are effective in generating results.

Boost Conversational AI with LLM’s

Improvement of LLM models to boost Voice responsive AI. NLP is not yet advanced to smoothly operate. It still faces some issues in understanding accents, words that are not in their database. The type of training NLP need to understand human speech is still high.

Unlike humans, machines cannot learn multiple objectives from a single experience. They need a high amount of data to learn.

However, LLM’s are far better than NLP. Because, LLM’s are trained on much larger dataset. They have higher number of parameters than NLP to train themselves on historical/feeded data.

LLM’s can highly improve customer experience. This technology can trend influencer marketing. This advanced use of LLM artificial intelligence in marketing can impact customer support services of the brands.

Popularity of voice search

Popularity of voice search has increased the trend influencer marketing. Earlier NLP models were not much developed. They limited its benefit. But, with advanced LLM its usage has increased. It has shaped the new market.

It was believed before that changes in social trends does not influence any market. But, with involvement of voice search in homes has changed the approach of common people. They have also become more dependent on facilities by technology.

With time, chatbots are also getting improved. They are being trained on speech recognition. Once, they become adept then chatbots will very easily start solving low complexity tasks in e-commerce business.

AI ethics

As AI is involving more and more in human business, digital ethics is blurring. There is not much clarity on privacy of the data. Issues of privacy, governance, copyright is increasing. AI has definitely influenced marketing trends.

Artificial Intelligence in marketing must adopt the guidelines of human ethics. It must follow the laws of Data protection and privacy. This belief is long gone that changes in social trends does not influence any market. But, as the business is scaling. Oneness is increasing. trend influencer marketing is affecting each and every one of us.



Q1. How AI has influenced marketing trends?

AI has influenced marketing trends by generating content with AI. The Zero Click Search has changed the SERP role. High degree of brand personalization has made the market come closer to the buyer. Boost Conversational AI with LLM have made our daily life easy. For ex – Siri, Alexa, etc.

Q2. Since AI has influenced marketing trends, Are there any challenges?

Although, AI has influenced marketing trends there are still some problems. AI has informational data It is still a little dumb in cognitive functions. There is a chance that AI is biased. This is because society created it and it behaves on what data is given to it. Till now, It is considered that AI can be predictable and repetitive. But, only future knows what power does AI hold.

Q3. Why there was a need of artificial intelligence in marketing?

Segmentation in society has increased. Government is promoting to start small businesses. With increase in consumers and sellers, market is evolving in India. And boon in IT took everything online. With so much data in the air, big businesses started to improvise. ML, AI, NLP are the tools to study bigdata. Hence, the need of artificial intelligence in marketing to make their businesses a hit in the current trend.

Q4. Is it true that changes in social trends does not influence any market?

Earlier, when market was small and localised then it was true that changes in social trends does not influence any market. Then social trend meant practices followed by a small group of people. It was also true that resources were limited hence, trends cannot affect the needed goods.

But, Now times have changed. Market has evolved. People have risen from needs to wants to luxuries. People will buy a product if it is in trend. Market becoming online, It has tremendously increased the buyers and sellers. Thought process involved behind buying a commodity has entirely changed. People are buying things they wanted as child. Term kidults is highly in trend.

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