Future of AI : 5 amazing ways how Artificial Intelligence and future of humans are going to be

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The future of AI and humans is as bright as ever. I do not hold the negative opinion as others do. AI was built with the intention of easing human tasks. No one thought of replacing humans from their own work. However, In recent years growth of AI has become rather competitive. It is as if humans are competing against one another to build the most amazing AI model.

People are in a rush to prove their AI models is the best without thinking of its impact. It’s like everyone has been given the power of creation. And they have become GODS. Even only one or two gods had the power to create the world. Not all had that authority.

How did Artificial Intelligence come into existence?

During the time of the Second World War, the 1940s and 60s new era of cybernetics was booming. People were discovering ways to form connections between machines and living beings. This was the time when Alan Turing discovered computing powers of the machine. He introduced decimals and binary into the machines. This is still the basis of modern machines.

However, Turing wrote an article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”. That opened new doors for chances of machines being intelligent. He also discovered a “Game of Imitation”. These thoughts were ahead of their time.

McCarthy of MIT coined the term AI. He discovered that we can create programs for these machines to perform tasks difficult for humans. Like tasks that require high mental performance.

During 1968, talks on AI were happening. Movies were made. Many sci-fi books were written. And with the invention of microprocessor AI again came into the forefront. And the age of expert systems began. DENDRAL and MYCIN opened new doors. But again the scientists were faced with too many unsolved problems that AI craze fell off again. The black box situations were too many.

But again Deep Blue, IBM’s computer executed its brute force algorithm. With the help of this algorithm, It defeated a human in chess. This was a new milestone in AI.

Since 2010 AI has progressed. Bigdata, image classification, processing, algorithms have highly made AI a necessity.

IBM conducted a survey and stated that 42% enterprise business integrated AI. We can assume from this data that in such a short time it has made significant progress. With so much changes in technology with AI, the scope is wide. Let us discuss the impacts AI has on our future. How does AI affect our work? What future has in store for humans.


The future of AI, and How does it look to you?

AI has made sensations in the present. No doubt It is going to be the future of humans. AI and the future are so together that there is no question of keeping it out of human lives. It has significantly affected the future work prospects for humans. AI and the future of work may seem grey now but it is not so.

We are in a phase of revolution in Artificial Intelligence and the future of humans. There are so many latest inventions going on in Artificial Intelligence. ChatGPT, Bard, and Gemini are generative AI tools. With evolution of these kinds of tools Content Creation as a career is booming. No one had thought of it as a job.

Inventions in DALL-E, Midjourney has opened new doors for art. Art now is not just limited to creations from a human hand. It has made an extension to machines. In particular with the help of AI, art is in a transformative state.

People had thought that coding was above all. No machine can touch the skill of coding. But Coding skills have become the most threatened skills of all time. Github Copilot, ChatGPT, Denver are the new AI tools that have surpassed human basic coding skills.

Other improvements in NLP led to the evolution of chatbots. These chatbots are well trained in human languages and tones. They understand the semantics. These bots are used for voice recognition, and translating text to speech. They are also used as customer support to resolve minor customer queries. They can replace the jobs of call centers, support centers, and translators.


AI and the future of humans

Changes in Regular Jobs

All these changes in technology have impacted humans. AI and the future are unpredictable given the current scenario. AI and the future of work will keep evolving. That is certain. And what all is sure is that change will be the new normal. New kinds of work and talent will come in the future. Those who are ready for change and are ready to adapt will never be out of work.


Data Privacy Issues

AI has led to many data privacy issues in recent times. This is due to the fact of evolution of bigData, data processing and analytics with it. Big companies are stealing consumer data without their permission. They are doing so to collect information about consumers and draw insights on the consumer base. Till then no such technology had power to process such large data. AI has jumped the fence in this regard.


Changes in Regulations

AI has led to changes in legal matters. Content generation AI tools have led to many legal matters. Many musicians, artists, and writers have filed lawsuits against these companies. They have requested to put control on these tools as they are affecting their livelihood. Artificial Intelligence and the future of humans will be safe if necessary changes are made legally.


It is important to also keep the groundwork ready to keep humans safe from unimaginable growth in AI. If we don’t make these changes human lives will become hollow. We don’t want to fall prey to the machines. Not forgetting that human life is important than machines. And machines are not beings.

Keeping this thought in mind will form strong foundation for humans. The fear surrounding AI is causing a lot of instability in young generations. They are doubtful of their career prospects and nobody has a proper understanding of the same.


AI and the future of work

AI in Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Robotics with the help of AI has proven to be of great help. Robots doing home chores like vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, etc. These robots work to help humans not to surpass them. These robots are also used to perform complex and delicate tasks in factories. It is good to make use of technology to prosper human life. In this way, AI and the future are both safe.


AI in Healthcare

It is making fine changes in the health sector. AI has been a huge help in analyzing diseases beforehand. It is great for recording people’s health data. AI is used to narrow down drug discovery. It is used as a virtual nurse assistant to monitor patient’s health. Huge datasets of people’s health records are kept for analysis. AI and the future of healthcare is a little delicate. Doctors, nurses, and other technicians will be in huge demand for at least 10 years. Healthcare is a service related sector where human contact is essential.

However, using robotic machines for MRI, X-Rays, ECG, etc results can be more accurate. Recording the data by machine can be more error free. Humans might miss out on some details but using AI here will help in the progress of health sector.


AI in Finance

AI in finance conducts audits. It also checks if the customer is suitable for loans. Traders make use of ML algorithms to earn huge money. AI and the future in finance will impact the economy of the country. Changes in Investment decisions will change the financial situation of the country. Artificial Intelligence and the future of humans in finance is pretty bright. Humans might miss out on some details but using AI here will help in the progress of finance sector.


AI in Education

AI in education will change the way students learn. Education will become more visual and appealing. New techniques of AI such as NLP, and ML algorithms will make learning more interactive. It will try to cater to individual students. AI and the future of education will be transformative for the world.
Not only for students but also for teachers and other educational staff. AI and the future of work in education will take a 360 degrees turn.


AI in media

AI already has started to play a huge role in media. AI new reporters have appeared in some of the news channels. AI is very useful in collecting and recording data. AI can be used to analyze data and will help in predictive analysis. AI and the future of work in media is a little unsteady.



How future of AI is going to affect job prospects?

There is a lot of apprehension about AI taking over human skills. But, AI can only perform repetitive and menial tasks that do not require creativity. If your job does not include creativity then it is a problem for you. And you might need to find ways to upskill yourself. However, If you are involved in the job that requires creativity, decision making and certain level of critical thinking then you do not need to be worried.

What are the ethical concerns associated with future of AI?

Still, the potential of AI is unknown. Scientists, business people, government are still trying to figure out its impact. However, we should do what we can do. We can write out some rules that are binding on all that can protect human life from AI. We can draw out safety plans to create a strong foundation for human survival.

How will AI impact healthcare in future?

Using robotic machines for MRI, X-Rays, ECG, etc results can be more accurate. Recording the data by machine can be more error free. Humans might miss out on some details but using AI here will help in the progress of health sector.


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