high performing websites: 5 powerful ways how AI helps in building them

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High performing websites do not only refer to websites generating high traffic. It serves a more holistic purpose. It includes generating relevant traffic that brings better leads.

There is a common belief that If a website is generating high traffic then it is doing great. And If a website contains a huge number of keywords. It is not so. It is also important to serve their customers. The sole purpose of these websites is to solve their top problem.

High performing websites maintain their KPI. KPIs can include multiple factors that make their websites high performing. Using AI for efficient data analysis to find out these factors can be very useful in benefiting their business.

Websites can use AI to then make changes. These changes include SEO optimization, content generation, image generation, etc.

5 ways how AI helps in building high performing websites

high performing websites
high performing websites

Smart Content Generation

ChatGPT helps in creating content. It is very helpful in generating ideas, schema for the content. It can write highlights of the blog, article, etc. High performing websites use blogs that take help of AI. With the evolution of chatGPT, informational facts is very easily available.

We can always use the ChatGPT generated content with human content. This is a better approach. It is also very efficient in low level programming tasks. High performance website architecture can be built with the help of chatGPT.

For better output, you can learn to give better prompts. ChatGPT works efficient if the prompt provided is clear and concise. Prompt basically refers to instructions given to AI tool. It acts as the guideline for creative activities. It simplifies our website creation process. It is also very helpful in generating new topics for website creation.

Some cons of ChatGPT are It is not very effective in detail oriented work. It can generate the draft prototype for reference. But for accurate result humans are still preferred.

Image generation with DALL-E

DALL-E, Midjourney can be used for image generation.

High performance applications and websites make use of DALL-E to generate multiple images. DALL-E is useful for generating multiple art pieces with minimal changes. Since art produced by DALL-E is very human, It is a huge hit.

The drawback of DALL-E is when you use graphics for your branding. Branding is more than looking good. You must leave this to your human team. Humans have more expertise in decision making.

SEO optimization

High performing websites use AI for SEO optimization. SERP techniques have changed alot with the evolution of AI. Semrush conducted a test on Google search results, It was found that 26% of searches was found by Zero Click Search.

This change has resulted in poor performance of organic search results. High performance website design techniques include better use of AI for SEO. Old techniques for ranking of websites on google is not much effective now.

Google is constantly changing its search optimization techniques. It has recently penalised some of the websites for spamming and publishing unoriginal content.

It has now become different for content writers. High performing websites use blogs that are original and SEO optimized.

Smarter advertising

High performance applications and websites use well crafted ads. These ads can now be created using AI. Humans need to give good prompts to the AI for the desired results.

Humans can now involve in more strategic tasks. Places where branding, decision making is involved. These are the places where personalization is required. And AI still needs to improve here. For instance, branding is something you should trust your team to do.

AI can analyze the data. The accurate result produced can be used by people to segment their audience. This will help in better targeting their products.

AI can create multiple ads with slight changes in no time. This helps in testing the ads better. It also helps in personalization. And hence success of the ad.

Chatbots on website – Interactive website

LLM’s have solved the problem of human speech recognition. Chatbots on website make them more interactive. Chatbots give better search experience on websites.

Heydey is used mainly in shopping websites. It is used to perform automated conversations with customers. These conversations are mostly basic inquiry type conversation. It is used to provide recommendation to the customer based on his preferences.

However, It cannot entirely replace humans. It cannot satisfy an angry customer. You still need human conversation to solve some delicate issues.


What are high performing websites?

High performing websites are those that generate more relevant leads. These websites have the following features which make them high performing. They have high landing speed. They have clear website schema. The SEO is well optimized to increase its ranking on Google.

What are the examples of High performance applications and websites?

Some examples of high performance applications and websites are Netflix. Netflix has high speed landing. Google Drive, Canva, Microsoft Office 365, etc. These are some great applications. They follow some of the best website architecture.

Do high performing websites use blogs?

Yes. High performing websites use blogs because blogs generate 55% more traffic to the website. Blogs provide credibility to the website. It helps in building relationship with the audience. Blogs are the easy way to explain their products. It also helps in google search. Blogs can help in building a brans voice.

What are the high performance website design techniques?

High performance website design technique include improvising SEO. Nowadays programmatic SEO is also in trend. High landing speed of the webpage. Better webpage schema. Including blogs on your website will lead to better search appearances. Improving databases of the website and caching are some of the way to improve your website by backend.

Can AI be used for high performance website design techniques?

Yes. AI is used for improving SEO. AI can write codes for implementing programmatic SEO. ChatGPT can help in building website schema. It can also suggest tools and ways for increasing the landing speed of the website. AI can help in personalization of the content which is very useful in targeting audience. It uses predictive analytics to understand user behavior.

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