5 simple ways How AI is Making Website Creation Faster and Easier

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AI is an amazing tool for making website creation faster and easier. AI-content creation tools help writers and marketers save time. And use their skills for better content creation.  An AI writer today can do a lot more than just add a few words to existing sentences.

Why do we need AI for making website creation?

Making Website Creation
Making Website Creation

We need AI for multiple purposes. It is important to make use of AI to keep up with AI. Since the boom of AI, It has replaced manual labor to a great degree. Here are some reasons why we need AI for website creation process.

  • AI can 2x-5x the speed of content generation
  • AI can remove writer’s block which hampers the efficiency
  • You can save that time on strategies and more creative ideas
  • AI content writers do work which is optimized for search. It is already SEO optimized.
  • If you need to generate content in bulk, AI is helpful for it.
  • AI can make website creation online very simple. You just have to give some prompts.
  • It is important to customize your website. Give some personal touch for better ROI.
  • You can also generate custom AI copy website. This will help in targeting audience.
  • Generating custom images using AI has become a trend.
  • With AI, testing and publishing your website has become really easy.


5 ways how AI has made website creation faster and easier

There are many tools available online that have made the website creation process faster. Website creation and development have become easy nowadays. Some of these tools are free.


It is very efficient in low level programming tasks. Tasks such as creating website schema, website creation and development. It is really helpful in generating writing content. We can always use a human touch to modify the result. It is also useful in generating content ideas.

For better output, you can learn to give better prompts. ChatGPT works efficient if the prompt provided is clear and concise. Prompt basically refers to instructions given to AI tool. It acts as the guideline for creative activities. It simplifies our website creation process. It is also very helpful in generating new topics for website creation.

Some cons of ChatGPT are It is not very effective in detail oriented work. It can generate the draft prototype for reference. But for accurate result humans are still preferred.



It is also from open.ai. DALL-E is used for creation of realistic arts. It is difficult to distinguish from human art.

DALL-E is useful for generating multiple art pieces with minimal changes. It also prevents artist block. Since art produced by DALL-E is very human, It is a huge hit.
We can use DALL-E to create images and graphics for website creation.

The drawback of DALL-E is to use graphics that is suitable for your branding. Branding is more than looking good. You must leave this to your human team. Humans have more expertise in decision making.


It is also a graphic design AI tool. It requires more advanced prompts. These prompts are not like DALL-E and ChatGPT where general result is expected. Midjourney is more personalized. It caters to personal taste. You have to give clear instruction about the aspect ratio, background, what art style you need, etc.

Midjourney is great for generating high quality art pieces. You can even create art from your phone. It is great for creating logos. It is also useful in modifying human created art.

However, It is a little expensive. If someone has a niche in creative side, It is very useful for them. But It is not much useful for general art needs. It gives highly realistic results.


It is an AI chatbot. It is used mainly in shopping websites. It is used to perform automated conversations with customers. These conversations are mostly basic inquiry type conversation. It is used to provide recommendation to the customer based on his preferences.

Heydey is good for automating low complexity tasks. It is helpful in saving tracking number, etc. It is useful in website creation and development. It saves cost. It can provide its service 24/7. It creates an FAQ section. These are some of the benefits of website creation making online.

However, It cannot entirely replace humans. It cannot satisfy an angry customer. You still need human conversation to solve some delicate issues.



It is used for generating text content for articles. These content is also useful for social media posts, website creation. It focuses on personalized brands. It is very skilled in copywriting tasks. It cannot entirely replace humans though. It can also translate into 30 languages. It can also be integrated with API’s.
JasperAI is highly useful in scaling your website. It can generate highly personalized content ideas.
It is not very efficient for very important content.



Canva is a graphics editing app. It edits document designs, makes presentations, etc. It has launched Magic Design. It works by inputting any uploaded media. It then modifies that media in the form of templates, social media posts, documents, etc. It makes it very quick in uploading on different platforms.

It can be very useful in automating low complexity tasks. It makes website creation process fast.
Magic design also works with prompt. Clear instruction is given for desired result. It is also easy to edit media using canva.

It is not very useful if website creation making online is from scratch. Use humans for that.



How making website creation process has changed with AI?

AI has changed making website creation process entirely. We can use ChatGPT to get the schema of the website. We can use DALL-E to generate images. Website creation process has evolved. It is more important to now focus on strategic aspects. Tasks have evolved, low complexity tasks can be dealt with AI.

Why making website creation using AI is important?

Making website creation using AI has become important due to change in market behavior. AI has made market smarter. We need to make use of AI to keep up with AI. It gives us advantage to scale our website, save time and costs.

How much does website creation and development cost?

It depends on the brand value of that website and what it needs. It might be free or costly. If it wants to lay focus on graphics because its brand value is related to design, then using sophisticated AI tools is important. This is making use of tool and help in cost optimization. Website creation and development is easy with AI.

How to get new topics for website creation?

AI tools such as ChatGPT, JasperAI are very useful in generating new topics for website creation. They give a general idea of a topic. However, human involvement is necessary to give the idea more detail. We can take help of AI but being entirely dependent on it is not gonna help.

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